What is the Ministry of Jesus?

The Ministry of Jesus discipleship series has been developed to deepen your understanding of Jesus’ ministry and teachings when he was here on earth.  The four Gospels have been compiled and ‘harmonized’ into their chronological order into one 200+ page book.  We invite you to buy the book, watch the videos and join us on the journey to becoming an authentic disciple and discover a life that matters.

"Gives the scripture context"
- Julie, TN
"Incredibly eye-opening"
- Ken, FL
"Beneficial for every Christian"
- Trox, UT

Where to begin?

Purchase a personal copy of “The Ministry of Jesus” book with a hand-crafted leather cover made by Narrow Gate Trading Co. 

Every week, we’ll release a video providing valuable insight into a specific portion of the text.  You’ll grow as a disciple of Jesus as you read through the book and watch the video lessons.

We encourage you to use the book and video lessons to share your love of Jesus and your love of the Word. We are excited to see what the Lord does through The Ministry of Jesus series!

Perfect for small groups!

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