035Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit


“A premeditated and intentional rejection of God’s message, heart, and power. This was the unforgivable sin Jesus spoke of, intentionally vilifying and rejecting the work of God, as in Christ alone is forgiveness of sin.”

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  1. Good Morning! This message caught my attention. I have always been curious about this scripture. It seems as if you are not counted as having blasphemed the Holy Spirit until you have seen enough proof to know that God is who He says that He is and yet you STILL deny and try to discredit God. The word that I still struggle with (even after seeing this video) is unforgivable. I struggle with this because how many people have grown up in the faith, had a deep relationship with God, turned from God for whatever reason, and then come back and are now on fore for Him? At what point do you totally reach being unforgiven and what does that look like? I always assumed that every breath was another opportunity to get it right and that if getting it right was not an option, you might as well go on “home”.

    1. This is indeed a difficult teaching of Jesus, and I am the last to claim to have all the answers. What we do know is that God reveals Himself through the Scriptures, what He has made, and through the life and person of Jesus. (Rom 1, Heb 1). What we see revealed is a God who doesn’t change, is Just (Always Fair), and full of Love (Seeks Redemption of all at all times).

      I do believe in this text Jesus is sternly warning of the consequence of willingly subverting and vilifying His work to redeem. That to oppose Him willingly puts you against and out of the only work that can offer forgiveness, His perfect sacrifice. By suppressing the truth of his work, you also suppress WHO He is. And if KNOWING who He is and trusting in His work to redeem is the vehicle through which salvation comes, to suppress that is outside of salvation and forgiveness.
      I also see Jesus offering those opposing Him forgiveness in this warning. Jesus says, “either make the Tree good or bad”, but if good then you can experience the goodness of its fruit, reconciliation with God. He also gives an illustration they would have been quite familiar with, Jonah. Jonah offered forgiveness to an evil and perverse nation, Nineveh, and they repented, believed, trusted, and were saved. I believe Jesus was offering them forgiveness and reconciliation as Jonah did to the Ninehvites, should they choose to accept and not suppress what they knew deep down.

      Jesus does this often, offering forgiveness and redemption at the same time He gives strong rebukes and warnings. See previous video teaching on Jesus rejection at Nazareth (Luke 4). In Jesus parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15), the Pharisees were the subject of His teaching (Luke 15:1-3) In that parable, The Father’s petition for the older brother to join Him was an offer for the Pharisees to repent and be included in the Kingdom of God. I believe that’s why the story ends unresolved, as the Pharisees still had time to make their choice. I take this to mean they still had a chance to be reconciled.

      Matthew 12, Mark 3, Luke 4, 15, as well as the Scriptures in general reveal a God who is ready to forgive at any moment, and already has forgiven sin through the mighty and final work of Jesus. I have to trust and believe that God is just and mercy. If and at what point someone reaches a final point outside of Gods reconciliation is a question I cannot answer, nor do I think anyone can. Thank God we don’t have to be the judge, but if God was willing to offer it to me, you, those from Nineveh, and the Pharisee, He reveals Himself and His offer of forgiveness to everyone in a way that is undeniable. Thanks for your thoughtful and honest questions and feedback. Love you Marcus…

      In Christ,

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