087The Cost of Discipleship

“Jeremy is a passionate student of God’s word who pours into students daily through his work as a teacher at Christ Presbyterian Academy in Brentwood, TN.  He graduated from Samford University with his BS in Biology and went on to achieve his M.Div from Lipscomb University.  Currently, while being a husband and father of two rambuncious little boys, Jeremy is also pursuing his Ph.D through the University of Kent (in England) in the School of Euopean Culture & Language.  His greatest desire – other than being a godly husband and raising his sons in the fear and knowledge of God – is to see people equipped with God’s Word to grow as disciples.  He pursues this desire as the Leader of the Discipleshp Program (called ‘The Commissioned Class’) at Gateway Church in Franklin, TN.”

This week Jeremy White talks about Discipleship. As disciples of Jesus, when we seek to be the kind of person Jesus is, we are able to do the things that He did. Though the cost is to die to ourselves, we gain the Reward of becoming more like Jesus and expanding the Kingdom through His Love.


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  1. “Understanding can wait – Obedience cannot!” “I will follow you! And I will become you!” God, make this the renewed cry of my heart. Jesus, come alive in me more today than ever before. Take me one step closer to being the living sacrifice through which you present yourself to world that you gave your life to save.


    1. “Understanding can wait – Obedience cannot!”…the EXACT phrase I quickly jotted down as the video played! Good stuff…

  2. Thanks for your obedience in following Jesus and sharing His word.

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