020Jesus Calls Levi

“God’s greatest desire is for us to be restored in mercy.” 

Matthew wasn’t just any tax collector. He was one of the worst kinds. In this week’s Ministry of Jesus video, Bill unpacks the different roles of tax collectors in Jesus’ day and why calling Matthew into the ministry was a significant event for us all these years later.

Look for next week’s video entitled “The Twelves Apostles” to be released Monday, August 28th.

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  1. Thanks for bringing the words of scripture to life. Love it!

  2. This is so good. I LOVE these teachings. Soaking it up big time – Thank you guys! This is seriously such a blessing.

    Shoutout to the production team as well. Having these videos done so well creates a really engaging atmosphere. Way to go!

    1. Thanks Cody glad you are enjoying it!

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