128The Guard at the Tomb

“If a Roman Guard couldn’t keep Jesus in the grave, why in the world would some social discomfort keep the words of Truth and Life and Love in our mouths?”

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  1. Thanks Bill! What an impactful and timely question! Christmas is the perfect season for reflection of why social acceptance seems to be more important to us than sharing the love of Christ. Our Lord set a great example for us to follow about not succumbing to social pressure. My prayer is that we can all push our self-centeredness aside for the sake of the gospel, especially me…
    We have really enjoyed this season! Our team has grown closer to each other and to the Lord during our weekly “jump start” (meeting set aside to watch the video and discuss it, during company time). You and your team have added a depth of understanding of the Gospel through the last 3 seasons that we have never experienced in church. This has been the most beneficial and impactful bible study I have ever experienced. I’m blessed to get to experience it with the men I work with every day! Thank you for producing it. I’m excited about next season! I wish it wasn’t the final season…

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