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Ministry of Jesus Season 4

February 11, 2019

The Question About Fasting

"Of course there is value in the Law, in fact, we see the nature and character of God as Holy, Righteous and Good. And in that law we see our inadequacy to be holy and righteous in ourselves. But, in Jesus, we not only see, but we receive grace, upon grace because of Jesus"
February 4, 2019

Jesus Preaches Throughout Galilee

"Maybe it’s time that we pick ourselves up and head up to a desolate place and wait upon the lord to train us, to prepare us, and to ready us for the call that he has placed upon our lives."
January 28, 2019

Jesus and the Woman of Samaria

"Can we be bold enough, humble enough, honest enough, to let Truth take us where it leads, and in that finding freedom, purpose, new life, and hope?"
January 21, 2019

The Baptism of Jesus

"in this single act, God in his Trinity, presents himself as whole, and gathers his people as wholly righteous."