006The Wedding at Cana

What will you do when the opportunity arises to give glory to God for the miracle of your salvation? Will you esteem your own accomplishments and actions, or will you give glory to God?

Today we look at “The Wedding at Cana” where Jesus turned water to wine and thus began his ministry…

Stay tuned for next week’s video discussing the event where “Jesus Heals an Official’s Son”.

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  1. It’s hard to express how excited I am to take this journey with all of you who have chosen to join us! We’ve been asked for years, “How do I get Narrow Gate teachings for myself?” I’m trusting that God will use the insights He’s handed us to inspire transformation in your daily life – just like He’s done for Narrow Gate Lodge students for years. If you think this is a way to initiate conversation about God among your friends or co-workers or family, please get them to sign up for this journey as well. There is no better topic – and there is no better time!

  2. What a wonderful teaching of why Jesus turned water into wine and the practical application that we should strive for in our every day life – Give the glory to God to whom it belongs.

  3. Amen.

  4. This season of life has proven more than ever that I have “taken my best shot” and have come up short. What.a faith builder this lesson is. Waiting and praying expectantly for Jesus to bring the best wine for last! Thankful for a God that doesn’t bank on my efforts even when I do.

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