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Thanks for joining us on this journey!

Watch the video below for a little more information and how to get started!

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  1. I cannot tell you excited I am to dive in with Bill and the team each week through this media. I have had the privilege of attending a Narrowgate bible study. It was incredible. It was transformational. The unique approach to teaching The Word, kept me focused and engaged. It was the first bible study in a very long time that did not have me checking my phone! I remember thinking, “I need more of this in my life”. Now I have it! Thank you guys for making this available! Kyle

    1. Thanks Kyle! We’re really excited to launching this new initiative and appreciate your comments. As the videos begin to come out – be sure to let us know what you think! Either here or on the ‘secret’ FB page which is for subscribers only. You’ll also be able to interact with the teachers on that page to ask questions, get advice/prayers and ideas on making disciples! May God receive ALL the Glory and may His Word go forth to produce much fruit!

  2. Our company has been involved with Narrow Gate for several years and I remember the first time Bill presented to the whole company at our Winter Retreat. My first thought was, if Bill was a pastor of a church, I would move to that town just so I could attend that church and be ‘fed’ by such a gifted teacher. Bill’s knowledge and teaching style is more impactful than any other I’ve ever experienced. Thank you for blessing those of us who couldn’t attend Narrow Gate with a chance to be led by you into a deeper understanding of our Lord. This series is an answer to my prayers! Kelly O

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